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This page will contain misc biker links and info.

A friend of mine sent this to me...
It pretty much sums up my outlook on life !!
Thanks Shannon !
People should live life like a biker.
Most people try to be careful with their life.
Then the older they get the more careful they become.
Soon they're not living life but just trying to get through life to the end.
As the end of there life comes close they say I wish I would have done this
or I wish I would have done that.  But now it's to late.
A biker starts out in life living it.
They get cuts, broken bones, and must see what will happen when they ride their tricycle down the steps.
(Sounded like fun at the time to me.)  
A Biker will take a stand on what they believe and leave what really don't matter lay.
As they get older they never stop. Some people call them wild.
But they are just living life to the fullest.
When most people die they slowly walk into heaven, look around and say, "YES! I MADE IT!"
When a biker dies and goes to heaven you can hear the thunder rolling from their bike as they are riding for the gates.
You can see the flash of lightening that is shot at them from the devil as they fly to the gates of heaven.
Everyone in heaven stands out of the way as they hear the grind of metal on the golden pathway.
Then the biker comes sliding in broadside sparks flying and flames trailing behind.
The biker slowly gets up off the bike smoking, thoroughly used up and totally worn out.
The biker looks around at all the people standing there and slowly takes off the sunglasses.
Then loudly the biker proclaims "WOW, WHAT A RIDE! WHEN CAN I DO IT AGAIN?"
To all my friends, may you be able to live every day of your life like a biker!
Lonewolf (Ray)

Warning !! 
These sites may contain bad words and / or otherwise offensive stuff !!
(At least it may be offensive to your company server)(or your wife)
Please be careful and surf at your own risk...
Otherwise enjoy the myriad of  Harley Davidson & Biker information !

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Lotsa Biker Links

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