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This page will contain info about our active duty servicemen & women...
Please email me any info about your "In Service" friends and relatives !
And lets all say an extra prayer for these brave men & women !!
Also, please let us know if care packages are appropriate.


1/09  This is our friends Teena & Chuck Sweet's son PFC Colby Sweet.
He left the US on June 8th for his first deployment over to Camp Delta, Iraq. In Al Kut. He's on a 15 month tour.  He'll be home for an 18 day RR sometime near the end of Jan.  While he's home he's planning on doing some "Harley" shopping. He's been daydreaming a lot over there. His mos is 63B, but his orders have since changed and he's the driver on their patrols. Mom sent this picture she just  loves..........he got his truck stuck one day while out scouting for a new location.    
PFC Colby Sweet, age 24


4/09 Clayton graduates 8 May & gets married 16 May in Wabash. It appears he will report to Ft Lewis Wash 1 June.
1/09  Clayton just left for his AIT at Ft Sam Houston.  Four months in San Antonio.  I bet that won't suck !!  He ws a fireman and EMT as a civilian.  At this ponit he will become an infantry medic and maybe an RN down the road.

Dec 08. This is PFC John Clayton Ellet. He is really "our" hero !Clayton is my wife Lisa's son.

Mar 08. This is my friends John & Pam Finken's daughter Lindsey.  Lindsey just graduated from basic in San Antonio, Texas. Her Flight, "186", earned Honor Flight which is one of the highest honors in Basic Training ! I have Lindsey's address at Lackland AFB if anyone wants it !

Jan '08.  These are my heroes !!
This is Warsaw's Alpha and Huntington's Delta Companies of the 293rd Infantry, 76th Combat Brigade.  They will be in Iraq thru mid '09.


Jan '08.  This an update on our Thompson Family !
Andy got home from Iraq in Sept.
 Matt is a 1st Lt and just left with the group at the RCA Dome.
And our oldest son who just graduated from the police academy Dec 10th is now a State Policeman.
They are...left to right....
Matt, Ashley, Matt's wife - our daughter in law
Jeremy, Megan, Andy


This is Tim Mosher's son Devin.  He is stationed in Norfolk, Va and returned from a tour in Iraq last July. He is a hull technician aboard the USS Bataan.



This is SP4 Ryan Rice. He is on his 2nd Tour in Iraq. He is in the 494th transportation company with the 101st airborne. He is currently attached to the 82nd Airborne in Taji, somewhere North of Bagdad. 
Ryan's folks are Don & Teah Ruckman. They are both Army Vets and belong to the American Legion Riders (Pierceton Post 258) & AmVet Riders (Monticello Post 91).



This is Marine Private Brock Mowery.
Brock's folks are in my HOG Group.
They live in Mexico Indiana.
Brock is a bomb loader stationed in Yuma Az.
He is curretly on a ship between Japan & S. Korea headed ????



PGR IN Ride Captain ~ Pat "Puddin" Linne's son
SSgt Eric Thorn
Lajes Field Azores


My friend Mary Powell's son...
Petty Officer Jonathan Powell,
U  S Coast Guard, St Louis Mo.
Just home from over there...
Our own Bonnie (orphan) Brown's nephew...
PVT. Joey Flores

A 2-69 AR

6590 Luzon St.    Box 1675


Ga.  31905

Soon to deployed to Iraq.

I am a caring Mother,
My Son has gone to War.
My mind is filled with worries
 I have never known before.
Everyday I try to keep
my thoughts from going black.
I may be scared,
combatchic's (Lisa Barnes) nephew...
323 TRS/FLT 019, DORM A9
PSC #3
LACKLAND, AFB TX  78236-9557


Wow !!  How about this bunch !!
This is PGR Bother & Sister, Tank & Becky Thompson's Family !
Left to right are daughter, Megan Mason... daughter-in-law,
Ashley Mason... son, Matt Mason... & son Andy Thompson.
Megan, Ashley & Matt are stateside and Andy is Iraq...
Let's all say a special prayer for this family and a huge whopping THANK YOU !!!!!!
Andy's APO...
Pv Andrew Thompson 9962   
HHC 2-152
Camp Ramadi, Iraq
APO, AE 09396

Ed Monette's nephew "Tag" is on the left......
Tag is on his 2nd tour in Iraq...
1sg Walter Tagalicud
hhc, 1-501
fob iskan
apo ae 09312-0506
for a return address on any letters or packages sent they are asking that you put this address
1-501 (abn), us army alaska
724 postal service loop #8200
ft. richardson,ak 99505-8200


PGR Brother John Pontius' son...
Sgt Jeremiah Pontius
2nd Tank Bn. C. Co.
His screen name is jjpontius2 on the PGR site.
Jerimiah deploys back to Iraq 17 April 09.

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