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My friend, Kevin "teach" Baas teaches a shop class in MSP, Minn.
Kevin uses bike buliding to help kids stay interested in school.
We can help by donating Harley parts to his class.
If you have some, please let me know.
I will pick them up and ship them.
This the latest email from "teach"

Thanks Russ, yes things have really taken off since I
saw you at the boogie with my pan that we did as the
first major class build.  For parts pretty much
anything and everything.  We put extras on the shlf
for future projects.  We are doing an old 64 panhead
build and need all the gears and cam for inside the
cam cover as well as pushrod tubes and solid lifters,
and an oil pump for it.  Otherwise for the new bike
build a starter chain sprocket rotor rear brake for
sure as well as the small items to finish it.
Thanks for the support!
Kevin "TEACH" Baas

This is a video Kevin did for S & S Cycle.
Please click on the Kennedy High School icon.

S & S Cycle / Kennedy High School

Kevin's website..
Kevin makes my "Russ' Barn & Grille"
"if you're so cool, wheres your tattoo" steel signs !

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