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This page will contain Military info and links.

Thanks for looking at these links !
I have not used any of them, nor am I endorsing them.
They are here for your information and use if you so choose.


A site for information on asbestos exposure

Missing in America...

The Spirit of the 76th Infantry Brigade

Reconnect America

Marine Moms

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

Hall of Heroes

Indiana National Guard

Operation Care Package, Michican

The Patriots Page

Welcome Home Vets

Vets for Freedom

Gathering of Eagles

Caring Bridge for Collin Bowen

US Military Ranks

Bugles Across America

USMC Families

US Department of Defense

The Veteran

Wounded Heros Foundation

National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum

Old War Dogs

Search "The Wall"

State of Illinois Veterans Care Program

Music and Songs from the Vietnam Era

Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial

The Few, The Proud !!!

The Heart Of a Marine Foundation

The Armed Forces Foundation

Military Graphics

Salute America's Heros

Connection Point Military Support Group

Wounded Warrior Project

POWMIARIDERS, lots of info...

Link to Walter Reed Hospital Family Help Society

Let's Say Thanks

Adopt A Soldier

Operation Sandbox

Adopt A Platoon

My Soldier

Soldiers Angels

America Supports You


U.S. Military Personel and Veterans at First Gov.

Indiana Dept of Veterans Affairs          
302 W Washington St, Rm E120
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2738
ph   317-232-3910
fax 317-232-7721
U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs
Regional Office
575 N Pennsylvania St
Indianapolis, In. 46204-1581
fax 317-226-5178
VA Loan Guaranty 1-800-729-5772
U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs Educational Benefits Office
PO Box 66830
St Louis, Mo. 63166-6830
U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs
Home Loan Guarantee Office
Vet Centers...
3833 N Meridian St
Indianapolis, In. 46208
311 N Weinbach Ave
Evansville, IN. 47711
528 W Berry St
Ft Wayne, IN. 46802
Gary Area Vet Center
6505 Broadway
Merrillville, IN. 46410
America's Job Bank
Bureau of Apprenticeship And Training
1.  Click on Search Sponsor Database
2.  Select State
3.  Select County
4.  Click on View
Dept of Veteran's Affairs
Indiana Dept of Workforce Development
Indiana Dept of Veteran's Affairs
Service Organizations
Located at 575 N Pennsylvania St, Indy
American Legion   Rm 325  317-226-7918
AMVETS  Rm 377  317-226-7919
Disabled American Veterans  Rm 399  317-226-7928
Military Order of the Purple Heart  Rm 330  317-226-7865
Paralyzed Veterans  Rm 328  317-226-6835
Veterans of Foreign Wars  Rm 374  317-226-7932
Vietnam Veterans of America  765-288-4015 

This site is a private site owned and maintained by Russell D Bauer, Jr. and is not connected with Harley Davidson, ABATE of Indiana, American Legion Riders, Patriot Guard Riders or any other motorcycle or veterans club or organization or any  of the events featured on this site.  These pages are for non-profit informational purposes with no intention of infringing upon the copyrights of any of the copyright owners.  Nor does it intend to infer that any of the information is correct or even useful.  The term "Barnbuch" is only intended to cover the friendly folk who hang out at Russ' Barn & Grille (a totally non profit barn) and is not intended to infer membership or ownership or any other silly reason other than voluntary friendship and brotherhood and freedom.  If you do not like veterans or bikers or care for any of the above, then kiss my @ss & leave my site.